Artificial Intelligence for Your Website

  1. Sell More with AI!

    iClew increases sales, sign-ups, or leads from your website. It works out of box.

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  2. Engage Your Visitors!

    Impress Them! Delight Them!

    Turn Them into Customers Like Never Before!

    Amazing outcomes you may expect:

    • Boosted conversion rate
    • More buying customers
    • More net profits


    It's not effortless. However it's simple, easy and definitely achievable!

    • No upfront investment
    • No technical expertise required
    • No need to add more live chat agents
    • No need to spend a cent more on advertising


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    Customers deserve better services and you deserve more profits. What you need is the right tool and a determination to win.

    Vic Duan, Acobot CEO
  3. How It Works

    iClew works exactly the same as other live chat software but better and faster.

    This is how:

    • Proactively inviting visitors to chat
    • Greeting them with and have a small talk if they like
    • Answering the questions they have
    • Collecting feedback from them
    • Encouraging them to take actions like checkout

    That's it.

    The only secret is iClew automates 95% or more of live chat tasks with A.I. It even works without a human agent.


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    How Does A.I. Work?

    Just like another team member but faster and cheaper.

    We're honest about the fact that A.I. is not so smart as human in providing customer service yet. However iClew A.I. is really good at tasks such as saying hello to visitors, answering their questions, and motivate them to place orders (call-to-action).

    When customers ask a question about your products, A.I. always respond in no time. Customers will be happy with the prompt and helpful responses they receive. If A.I. is not so confident in the quality of answer, she forwards the question to you. You can then follow up to give a better answer if necessary. Before that, you just keep watching how A.I. interacts with customers. You can, of course, interpose the conversation any time you like.

    Finally, A.I. works 24/7 so you don't have to.

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  5. A.I. Teaches Herself

    No coding. No scripting. Guaranteed!

    A.I. reads your web pages and learns to answer questions about your business by herself. She will ask you if she gets any unsure questions. You give answers and she will learn.

    The more A.I. learns, the less you need to follow up. Finally she will take over 95% or more of workload and can work smoothly even when you're off line.

    If you have used live chat software, you can shorten the learning curve by porting the chat logs to knowledge base.

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