Affiliate Program

  1. Refer & Earn Up to 50% Lifetime Commissions

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  2. Refer & Earn

    It's simple, easy and profitable

    You bring customers to us and we pay you 30% commission for every purchase they make for lifetime, not just for the first order. If you’re a developer and integrate iClew with your products, you’re eligible for 50% lifetime commissions.

    If your customers or audience sell online, you can help them by introducing iClew A.I. live chat to them. They will thank you for the improved bottom line and you will earn with the referrals.

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    90 Day Cookies

    If one lands on iClew website through your referral links and signs up in 90 days, s/he is credited to your account.

    Up to 50% Commissions

    Our standard commission rate is 30% but if you integrate iClew with your own products, the 50% commission rate is applied.

    Lifetime Commissions

    Customers you refer never expire. You will be paid for every purchase made by the customers you refer, forever.

  3. How Does it Actually Work

    Click-though, tracking, and payout

    You will receive a unique ID after signing up with iClew. Your referral links include the ID so we know the customer are referred by you.

    We use advanced technologies to track your referrals precisely. You will receive detailed reports, covering all of the major customer activities from landing, registration to payment.

    The tracking reports are in real time so you can verify the accuracy of data easily.

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  4. How Much Can You Earn

    There is absolutely no cost to you to be an iClew partner and the earning potential is substantial. Some of our enterprise clients spend over $20,000 a year for our service so it's not suprising if you earn over $10,000 for a single referral! Even if your commission is 30% and all of the customers pay a minimum amount ($49.5/month), the extra revenue is still remarkable. Let's do the math. Note your commissions continue beyond three years.

    • Affiliate Partners: 30% of $49.5/m
    • Developer Partners: 50% of $49.5/m
    Referrals One Year Two Years Three Years
    1 $ 178.20 $ 356.40 $ 534.60
    10 $ 1,782.00 $ 3,564.00 $ 5,346.00
    100 $ 17,820.00 $ 35,640.00 $ 53,460.00
    Referrals One Year Two Years Three Years
    1 $ 297.00 $ 594.00 $ 891.00
    10 $ 2,970.00 $ 5,940.00 $ 8,910.00
    100 $ 29,700.00 $ 59,400.00 $ 89,100.00


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