1. AI Made Simple

    No coding. No scripting. No machine learning. It just works out of box!

    Powerful yet Easy to Use

  2. Core Features
    Artificial Intelligence The core of iClew is an A.I. that helps customers to complete buying process, like a sales agent.
    Conversion Optimization iClew is designed to drive visitors to go through your conversion funnel and turn them into buying customers.
    Hybrid System iClew works smoothly with or without human agents, giving you the best of both worlds and great flexibility in staffing.
    Simplicity With A.I., we're able to simplify, automate, or even eliminate many features and make iClew simple and easy to use.


    If you wonder why iClew lacks the features like canned message, with A.I. you don't need them any more!
  3. Artificial Intelligence
    Semantic Cognition iClew A.I. is able to understand 95% or more of customer questions and give precise answers*.
    Human Touch The A.I. interacts with customers with a human touch. She can even engage them with small talks.
    Self-learning The A.I. teaches herself with knowledge base and you can add knowledge during chat. No coding. No scripting. Guaranteed!
    Zero Configuration iClew A.I. works out of box. No configuration is required. You don't have to be an A.I. expert to enjoy the befits of A.I.


    * iClew A.I. cannot create answers from scratch. She learns about your business from you.
  4. Conversion Rate Optimization
    Proactive Invites iClew actively invites EVERY visitor to chat, increasing the chances of conversion greatly. The invite messages are automatically generated and optimized.
    24/7 Live Support Even when you're offline, A.I. works around the clock to turn visitors to customers, maximizing the conversion rate.
    Engagement A.I. keeps visitors on your site by giving instant answers, with a human touch. The longer they stay, the more likely they place an order.
    Call to Actions A.I. automatically identifies call to action messages that fit your business and give instruct visitors to take expected actions at the right time.
  5. Hybrid System
    Online Followup When you're online, A.I. notifies you about inbound messages in real time. So you don't have to wait all time and you only need to follow up if there are any unanswered questions. If you prefer, you may keep close watch on the conversation between A.I. and users and join the conversation at any time.
    Offline Followup When you're offline and A.I. gets an unanswered question, she asks the user for email address and/or phone number, as per your selection, and email the details to you. So you get a lead. You can follow up whenever you check mail.
    Chat to Inbox In addition to leads, You may also let iClew email the log to your inbox when each chat session ends. You will love this feature if you're a heavy email user and want to keep an eye on what user talks about with A.I.
  6. Agent Workspace
    Agent Pooling iClew automatically assign customers to agents, with workload of each agent balanced.
    Working/Watching You may choose to participating in the conversions or just observing how A.I. and agents work, without receiving any assignment.
    Hot Keys Keyboard shortcuts are defined for all of the major live chat tasks. Agents may work smoothly without using a mouse, boosting the productivity to an even higher level.
    Notification Agents will receive a desktop notification when there is an inbound message, even when the workspace is not in the current browser window.
    Mobile Support You can provide live support with your mobile phone, on the go!


    iClew agent workspace doesn't support IE/MS Edge. It works with any other modern browsers and Chrome is recommended.
  7. Customer Information
    Customer Source The source of customers, saying Web or mobile app, are identified and shown to agents.
    Customer Identity Customer names are displayed if available. Otherwise IP addresses are displayed.
    Customer Location The country and city for each customer are identified and displayed.
    Customer Wait Time The wait time of each customer that requires agent followup is tracked in real time. The customer is highlighted if s/he has waited for a time longer than the given Acceptable Wait Time.
    Customer Flagging Agents may flag/un-flag any customer so that they can be easily tracked.
  8. Knowledge Base
    Simple Knowledge A knowledge entry consists of a question or issue description and corresponding answers. No special requirements. Creating a knowledge entry is as simple as posting in forum.
    Single Source Agents and A.I. share the exactly same knowledge base. You never need to enter/edit the same content twice, saving a lot of time in maintenance!
    Knowledge Import Knowledge contents can be easily imported in CSV file. If you have a legacy knowledge base, import its contents to iClew and start enjoy A.I. today!
    Log-to-KB If you have provided live chat to customer before changing to iClew, send the chat logs to us. We will help you extract knowledge and populate knowledge base quickly.
    Search In Chat Without leaving from chat box, agents may search for knowledge, copy, paste, and send answers to customers with hot keys.
    Chat to Knowledge Agents may add answers to knowledge base while chatting with customers, within the chat box, without needing to re-type the answers.
  9. For Enterprises
    Start Page Each group has its own start page, greeting your agents with personalized messages and motivating them for better performance!
    Acceptable Response Time Each group has its own Acceptable Response Time (ART) setting, driving agents to give customer even faster services.
    Performance Indicator The total number of visiting customers and those having waited longer than ART are tracked and shown for each group in real time.
    Access Control iClew provides role based access control to both group setting and knowledge base contents.
    Unlimited Groups With a single account, you can create as many groups as you need, each of which maps to one of your business units and has its own A.I., knowledge base, and agents.
    Unlimited Agents You may add as many agents as you have to a group. iClew works smoothly with either several hundred agents or a single one.
    Unlimited Membership Each agent may join as many groups as necessary.
    Unlimited Knowledge You may add as many items to each knowledge base as you need.
  10. Deployment
    Easy Installation To install iClew chat widget on your websites, just copy and paste a single line of JS codes.
    Compatibility The chat widget is compatible with any websites and can be used with any modern browsers.
    Customization You can personalize the color of chat button and widget.
  11. Development
    iClew APIs iClew includes a set of APIs that enables you integrate it with your own systems or products. You can even implement your own app based iClew!
    Mail Interfaces You can easily integrate iClew with third party CRMs, help desks or ticket systems that accept inbound emails for creating items.
    A.I. aPaaS iClew is seamlessly integrated with BrainShop, our conversational A.I. application plat form as a service (aPaaS). With BrainShop, you may use BrainXML language to extend your iClew groups to even more powerful A.I. applications.
  12. Languages
    Language Support iClew currently supports English and Simplified Chinese. Contact us if you need any other languages.
    Multilingual With a single group, you may provide both English and Chinese services to customers. A.I. automatically switches for the right language during chat.
    Affiliate Program As an iClew customer, you're automatically enrolled to our affiliate program. By telling your customers or friends how iClew helps you, you may receive up to 50% lifetime commissions for referrals, bring the ROI of your A.I. live service to an even higher level.


    iClew is under active development. If you want to see any addition to the list above, tell us .

    Try it or you will never know


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